Companies of any type and any size can benefit from operating social networks with private labels. Whether your client base is a few thousand or a few million individuals, OSD provides the social networking solutions that will meet your needs. We offer a complete package of comprehensive products and services that include web hosting and proprietary technologies to be the market leader in online social networking. We invite you to visit our “portfolio,” which showcases many of the social networks that we have created for former and current customers.

The Best Software Solution for Social Networking

Orient Software offers a user-friendly software platform for social networking that has all the tools you’ll need to create an effective social network, even if you have little or no knowledge about programming or HTML. Our software includes all the standard features that users have come to expect: instant messaging, group creation, forums, message boards, video and photo sharing, and blogs. In addition, our network is customizable, so you can add and delete features as needed. Our software let individuals, families, clubs, professional associations, and small companies create personalized online communities that meet their specific needs.

We can design and create a professional online social network for a lower price than you would expect. Our exceptional customized development, design and, tailored integration with your existing systems will help you create an online community that seamlessly melds with your existing website and other online offerings.

Social Networking Across Domains

When you use ODS services, you’re able to maintain your existing website on its own domain while you can control design and functionality through a separate platform. These cross-domain social networking services are distinct from most existing social networks, which can function from only a single domain. These single-domain sites require users to re-enter their login and password when they attempt to cross domains by visiting sites located in a single network but housed on separate domains. With OSD, that’s never a problem. One single username and password provide access to the entire social network, no matter what domain an individual section is housed on. That is the key benefit of our innovative cross-domain social networking service offerings.

Our competitors simply cannot offer this type of cross-domain service, and this technology is often the key selling point in why our customers choose OSD services from among the other marketplace offerings. Our technology is especially attractive to clients who need to have a social network that is tied to many different products or brands that may be housed on separate domains. Only the OSD system has the features needed to market a diverse product mix to many market segments. In addition, the OSD social networking system offers a turnkey package. Finally, our automated social networking system lets smaller clients quickly and inexpensively subscribe to our networking services and then create their own private label social networks.

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