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Welcome to the Orient Software Development blog. We are very pleased to announce that our New Year’s resolution for 2015 has been to restart our blog. We intend to create an interesting and informative online resource for those interested in software development and outsourcing. In this Year of the Goat, here is what you can expect from us.

Our blog posts will feature a team of committed and intelligent professionals with in-depth knowledge of the software development industry. Our contributors have a diverse array of backgrounds, skill sets, and interests – one day you might read an article penned by a 28-year-old Vietnamese software developer, the next an article from a Norwegian executive (who may be a bit older than 28).

These talented people will provide regularly updated content, all accessible free of charge through our blog. Every two weeks, there will be something new to read at http://www.orientsoftware.net/blog/. Let’s take a look at some of the topics that will be addressed by our team of writers.

Back to Business

First and foremost, Orient will deliver accurate, insightful looks into the software development industry. What works, and what doesn’t — our new blog will help you identify and implement the practices necessary to succeed in this highly competitive field. Orient is always looking at the “big picture”, and by following our content you can reap the same benefits.

However, a nuanced understanding of technical detail is also critical for any offshore software development endeavor. For this reason, our writers will also address topics related to specific technical issues. We try to see the forest and the trees. Other articles will address individual technologies that are integral to Orient’s business, and the software development business in general.

If this is beginning to sound a bit dry, please relax. Orient is equally committed to the human side of software development. We are based in Vietnam, a fascinating and dynamic country with much to offer those interested in the future of the industry. Our blogs will offer unique looks into Vietnam as a country to visit, and also as a business environment.

We’re also proud to announce that you’ll be able to meet some of the exceptional staff here at Orient via our website. Through their portraits and words, you’ll be able to see why the people at Orient make our company so special, and why we are so excited to share their stories with you. We think you’re going to like them.

With so many dedicated and conscientious people on staff, you may not be surprised to learn that Orient Software Development has a strong culture of corporate social responsibility. While we don’t desire to congratulate ourselves too much, we will be highlighting some of the projects our people are working on, as well as opportunities for further involvement in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam at large.

We hope that you will check back regularly for bimonthly updates, and follow/like/share us on the usual assortment of social media. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with what you find.

Nhung Nguyen


As Founder and Managing Director of Orient Software, Nhung Nguyen is credited with Orient Software’s transformation into a success story. Nhung strives for steady growth with Orient Software and is always ambitious to exceed client expectations.