Angular Front-end Developer [Senior level]

Quantity: 2 | 2018-03-28

Job Description

Be with us, You're going to have chances to:
- Take more challenges to level up your career path in European project. With your team, you have chance to develop your skills and experience by working directly with client. You're going to deliver new features in short sprints following the Scrum process, build high quality products with support of advanced practices.
- And good experience with newest technologies in projects;
- And live 40 hours/week in an flexible and friendly environment of a company has association of many countries such as Vietnam, Germany, Norway, Singapore.

What You Need For This Position

- Key technologies: 
• Very good JavaScript programming skills:
Write clean, well-designed and reusable JavaScript
Write code that scales well and is easily maintainable by other developers
• Angular
• Bootstrap

- English skills to work with European client.
- Being capable of problem analysis, specification writing, design, coding and unit test. 
- Able to learn new technologies quickly.

Monthly Salary and Benefit

  • High salary and Annual salary review based on employee's performance and contribution
  • Good benefit package (Lunch allowance, Breakfast, Sick leaves, Maternity benefits, Healthcare service v.v.)
  • Clearly-defined career paths to direct employee's effort and to award employee's loyalty.
  • Continuous development of technical and soft skills through commercial work and formal trainings.
  • Exciting leisure (Sport and Art clubs, Parties, Team buildings v.v.) links you and the others for a good friendship spirit.
  • Facilities, latest tools and equipment for maximum effectiveness of work.
  • Diversified culture to foster the international work ethics and spirit of employees.
  • Company's labor policy completely pursuant to Vietnamese labor legislation.