The Most Popular Career and Study Fair in Malaysia

Orient Software plays vital role Malaysia job fair

04 Aug 2017

Orient Software plays vital role Malaysia job fair

The Mega Careers and Study Fair was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 18 – 19 February 2017. For the first time in the fair’s history, it was enhanced by a specially developed advanced profiling software. Orient Software, from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, alongside its international partners, provided this supporting software. This augmented the entire experience for fair attendees. The fair was ultimately effective in bringing 1000s of graduates together, and presenting them with numerous study and career options for their future. The cooperation between Orient Software and the fair organizers was seamless and no doubt contributed to the fair’s overall success.

Effective international partnerships

Orient Software teamed up with our partners from both Norway and Singapore in order to make a major contribution to the Malaysian Mega Careers and Study Fair. This fair is the most popular fair of its kind in Malaysia, and serves as a meeting point for graduates from Malaysia’s various universities to familiarise themselves with careers and further study options within business and education. With the web and mobile applications which were provided by us at Orient Software, alongside our partners, the Mega Fair gained a new element and dimension as a collaborative online talent searching platform and marketplace.

Effective international partnerships

Purpose of the fair

Over the course of 2 days, the Mega Fair saw over 10 000 visitors, making it one of the largest graduate fairs in Malaysia. The 10 000 strong audience consisted of graduates from a variety of Malaysian colleges, all searching for the next big thing for their futures. There were over 100 companies and business exhibiting their various job opportunities and graduate internships at the career fair, which provided the graduates with a large variety of choices of careers and opportunities to discover.

In addition, there were over 20 universities and higher education institutions presenting their various Masters and Research programs at the fair. This provided attendees with further avenues to delve down while planning out their futures. While some of the attendees focussed solely on the job hunt element of the fair, the majority of the audience expressed interest in both the career and the study options which they were presented with.

Orient Software front and centre

The function of Orient Software at the Fair was to smoothen the communication between the candidates and their prospective employees who were exhibiting. In order to best achieve this streamlined communication, Orient published multiple web applications, which functioned with tight integration between all the apps.

During the initial sign up for the event, fair attendees registered their details in an online registration system. They then uploaded their Curriculum Vitae into the Job Seeker application in the system. Thereafter, they were given the opportunity to enter in their own interests and preferences onto their profile, in order to optimize their personal profile and to discover how their preferences will influence their future career choices and guide them in the right direction.

Upon arrival at the venue, fair attendees received a personal QR code, which allowed for them to be scanned by prospective employees at the exhibit stand. This allowed for instant access to their career profile, and was the overall facilitator of communication throughout the recruitment procedure.

The entire process was successful, and ran extremely well on the ground. The fair organiser and Orient Software are happy to continue our collaboration and improve upon our input for the next career fair which will be held in August 2017. The future plans will see even further integration between the web and mobile software which is to be used by the fair attendees and the exhibitors.

Orient Software front and centre

Further cooperation

Mega Careers and Study Fair is a major graduate and postgraduate event held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre twice every year. Organised by GTI Media Asia and JobsCentral Malaysia with support from Postgradasia and CXS International, among others. This fair consistently attracts a large audience of exhibitors and visitors. The next fair will be held on 5-6 August 2017. To register online visit or register on-site at the fair.

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