Expense Tracker is a mobile application for use with an iPhone or iPad. The application allows companies to track business trip routes and manage employee expenses.

Details about the ExpenseTracker project


Tien Len Online is a mobile game application for use with Apple products based on a popular Vietnamese card game. In addition to normal gameplay, the application allows users to edit their profile, update game status to Facebook and publish their ranking to the leader boards of Game Center.

Details about the TienLenOnline project


Yappa App is a mobile magazine application for both Apple and Android products which allows users to display their favorite daily TV programs, search for programs by a number of functions as well as adding programs to their calendar. The application can connect to Twitter and also allows users to view movie trailers.

Details about the YappaApp project


Foodphone is a service which allows users to quickly and easily determine the health value of food items. Foodphone is available via an online website or as a service for mobile phones and PDAs.

Details about the Foodphone project


Accounting System Control (ASC) is a software which allows accounting functions to be implemented in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The software can be used dynamically across many industries and can analyze and document many accounting functions.

Details about the ASC project


Yuntaa is a secure online document management system using cloud technology. The system allows users to backup, restore and share data from their computer or a website. Scheduled functions, notifications and integration with other systems are also built-in.

Details about the Yuntaa project


Clear Channel Outdoor for Sweden (CCOS) is a system built to be used in conjunction with a marketing campaign. Customers can retrieve and organize key target demographics which can be displayed visually via charts or Google maps.

Details about the CCOS project


Zeniverse is a US-based social networking website offering chat, gaming and entertainment services. This project included moderator controls and functionality as well as designing tools for end users to chat, play games and share media.

Details about the Zeniverse project


Yoosk is an English social networking site which allows users to post questions to notable public figures and rate their answers. The site allows for posting questions, video responses and interactive feedback based on questions.

Details about the Yoosk project


World Date is a social networking website providing online dating services. The website is designed to help users find a compatible match through commonalities utilizing keywords for users to describe themselves and their interests.

Details about the WorldDate project


Conexus is an education website which allows instructors to manage their classroom activities online. It includes functions for teachers to be able to manage class grades, provide surveys and questionnaires, and complete reports.

Details about the Conexus project


SpiritGearDirect is a US-based e-commerce website specializing in the sale of school apparel and accessories. Customers can select the school of their choice and choose from a wide array of customizable options using the school’s logos and team names. The website also offers an online payment system.

Details about the SpiritGearDirect project


CustomProDirect is a US-based e-commerce website specializing in the sale of customized clothing and home decor. Customers can select a product item and choose from a wide array of customizable options including using personal photos. The website also offers an online payment system.

Details about the CustomProDirect project


TidTilSags is an online marketplace that allows users to connect to complete small odd jobs. Individuals can offer their services or seek help from another user using the website.

Details about the TidTilSags project


Swisscom Showcase is an interactive database which allows customers to search for relevant information related to their local area. Information can be displayed in the form of a Google map or as charts based on the search requirements.

Details about the SwisscomShowcase project


Business Relationships Network (BRSN) is a system which allows users to search for the relationships between an individual and a company or from company to company. Users can view a visual display of the relationships via Google maps and receive detailed analysis about the search results.

Details about the BRSN project


Adsgen is a website which allows customers to generate their own customizable web advertisements which can be easily embedded into any website.

Details about the Adsgen project