Management Team

The most important asset for Orient Software’s continuous success is our expert staff. To achieve the best results and further improve the performance, we only hire and work with the best people. Our management team is responsible on following all the projects and their quality to guarantee customer satisfaction and successful delivery.

Management Team Members

Nhung Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

As Founder and Managing Director of Orient Software, Nhung Nguyen is credited with Orient Software’s transformation into a success story. After graduating with Chemistry and Economics degrees from the Natural Sciences University, she then went on to earn an IT degree from Singapore. Nhung first worked in market research at Ho Chi Minh City’s School of Economics. Later, she gained international Management experience when she served 3 years as Office Manager for a Belgium company with offices in Ho Chi Minh City. Her early years of market research, management and international experience combine to give Nhung the experience necessary to take Orient Software to the top of the software development industry. Nhung is most effective at and most enjoys sourcing and nurturing talented staff to bring out their greatest potential. Her drive to succeed and supportive attitudes towards her Orient team are evident throughout Orient Software, in her personnel and the products they deliver. Nhung strives for steady growth with Orient Software and is always ambitious to exceed client expectations.

Øyvind Forsbak

Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder

As CTO and co-founder of Orient Software, Øyvind Forsbak oversees all of our organization’s technical matters. After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Oslo, Øyvind worked in different aspects of the software business for 15 years. Initially working as Smalltalk developer, it didn’t take long for him to move into Java development. The last 12 years, he has been working with .NET. Øyvind brings to Orient Software an array of special interests that include clean code, SOLID principles, test driven development, JavaScript automated unit testing, build automation, and continuous delivery. Today, Øyvind proudly transfers his great depth of technical knowledge to our Orient Software teams.

Ville Kaipainen

Head of Product Development

As Program Manager at Orient Software, Ville Kaipainen has the main responsibility of all internal software development projects of the company and the tasks of the new Product Development. A graduate from University of Jyväskylä in Finland, Ville worked in Finland and Germany before moving to Vietnam and joining Orient initially as Project Coordinator. With international experience, he is well suited to handle intercultural work environment and solve any communication problems. Background in Java development, Ville’s tasks include build and deployment automation with Continuous Integration, research on topics such as NoSQL and functional programming, as well as supporting all Orient teams in technical issues.

Lai Nguyen

Office Manager

As Office Manager at Orient Software since 2011, Lai Nguyen supervises all Orient Software’s organizational matters, from smallest details of daily office life to the long term plans and improvement of our company. Lai graduated from the Natural Sciences University in Mathematic and Computing Science major in 2003, later she studied to earn the Corporate Finance degree from University of Economics. She has the main responsibility of allocating resources to all internal and external projects of Orient Software, and ensuring that the work environment and infrastructure of our company is supportive to efficient delivery to our clients and to a good workplace well-being of our employees. She is also in charge of Marketing and Communication activities of our company. With Lai’s expert guidance, Orient Software has achieved high customer satisfaction and low staff turnover, making us a leading software development company in Vietnam.

Ha Truong

Finance Controller

As Finance Controller at Orient Software since 2010, Ha Truong is responsible for all financial matters of Orient Software. Ha graduated from University of Economics with Business Accounting degree. An experienced Finance Controller, Ha ensures that Orient always has a balanced budget, enabling our organization to maintain and improve both the service to our customers as well as our generous employee benefits. Her attention to detail as well as to the big picture allows Orient the means to successfully continue pursuing its mission and vision.